Time Out Shanghai

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There’s a Q and A about China’s Forgotten People in the new issue of Time Out Shanghai.

BBC Arts

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My Edinburgh Book Festival event about The Casualties can now be listened to on the BBC Arts website (though possibly not for ever and ever. So if this link stops working, I apologise…)


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is my favourite word in Steve Donoghue’s interesting review of The Casualties at Open Letters Monthly.

Q and A on The Casualties

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Thanks to Caroline Leavitt for doing a Q and A with me about The Casualties, which as usual made me realise all kinds of things about where the book came from. Shockingly, I even admit to having a broad streak of pessimism.

The Dying Grass

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My possibly quixotic attempt to make you read William Vollmann’s incredible new book is now at the LA Review of Books.

What I was reading

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Thanks to Writers Read for asking.

New York Times interview on CFP

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Thanks to Ian Johnson of the New York Times for the interview.

Ian Johnson writes for the NYT and NYRB on China – his work on urbanisation in China is especially well worth a look.

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