Non Fiction


China’s Forgotten People (IB Tauris, 2015)

The Tree That Bleeds (Luath, 2011)

TREE THAT BLEEDS_26.5mm:The Tree That Bleeds



Utterly Vile: Ilham Tohti’s Life Sentence, Dissent Blog, 30/9/14

Are Militants from China’s Xinjiang Region Really Being Trained by the Islamic State?, Vice News 25/9/14

From Being to Xinjiang -A Review of 2 China Books – Literary Review, August 2014

China needs to shift its agriculture from the water-scarce north, china dialogue 31/7/1

What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘The Uyghurs’, Dissent, Summer 2014

China can’t follow the US on climate change, say experts, china dialogue 5/6/14

Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary, Vice News, 3/6/14

Super fast bus systems are ‘the best hope’ for fixing China’s gridlock, china dialogue, 22/5/14

After Kunming, LRB Blog 5/3/14

Free Ilham Tohti, LRB Blog 28/2/14

How long till China is self-sufficient in recycled waste? chinadialogue 30/1/14

The Death of Old Kashgar, Unmapped, 17/1/14

Behind the Dunes, LRB Blog 16/1/14

The widening costs of China’s national smog problem, chinadialogue, 11/12/13

‘Terrorism’ in Tiananmen Square, LRB Blog, 8/11/13

An interview with Sean Gallagher: China’s environmental crisis, chinadialogue 2/10/13

‘The Silk Road of Pop’- a Q and A with the director at China File 25/9/13

‘The many trials of Mr Horse’, The Dublin Review, 52

Seeking Truth from Facts’  London Review of Books Blog 5/9/13

‘It’s not fair if you don’t let us cheat’  London Review of Books Blog 17/7/13

Learning the wrong lessons in Xinjiang, Dissent 3/7/13

For a Song: Liao Yiwu’s Prison Memoir LA Review of Books 4/6/13

Uyghur Shrines of the Taklamakan Desert LA Review of Books 16/5/13

Dead Pigs, Toxic Smog London Review of Books Blog 24/4/13

China’s policies in inner Mongolia  The Independent 16/4/13

No Middle Way London Review of Books Blog 1/1/13

China’s Big Society London Review of Books Blog 11/9/12

Buttering the tiger, The Dublin Review 48, Autumn 2012

Jumping the Dragon Gate, LA Review of Books 30/8/12

Climate Change? LRB Blog 2/8/12

‘Great Changes after the Liberation’ LRB Blog 4/7/2012

Razing Kashgar London Review of Books Blog 25/5/2012

China dresses up one-child policy with softer slogans Times of India, 18/3/12

Ürümqi, Two Years On   LRB Blog 20/6/11

A Look Back at the 2009 Xinjiang Riots  The China Beat 31/5/11

Rabbits v. Tigers LRB Blog 31/1/2011

The Year in Review n+1, 30/12/2010

‘Love the motherland’ LRB Blog 7/12/2010

Pearl of the Western Region LRB Blog 11/11/201o

A Perfect Bomb n+1, October 2010

Recruitment Drive LRB Blog 20/8/2010

‘Burning Books’, The London Review of Books July 2010

Suspicious Timing LRB Blog  28/6/2010

After the Xinjiang Protests n+1, May 13th 2010

Stranded in Beijing LRB Blog 28/4/2010

The Bombmakers of Aksu LRB Blog 25/9/2009

Politically Dangerous LRB Blog 9/9/2009

‘In Urumqi’, London Review of Books July 2009

The city at the empire’s edge, Edinburgh Review, October 2008


Not China

Blind Dating in Bishkek, The Dublin Review 56, Autumn 20144

How will Australia meet its carbon targets? china dialogue, 18/7/14

This Doctor Says He Can Cure Heroin Addicts By Putting Them in a Coma‘, VICE, 19/2/14

‘To tweet or not to tweet?‘,, 6/11/13

In Balykchy’,  London Review of Books Blog 4/10/13

‘You can’t always blame zombies for their condition’: Utopian escapes in Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice‘ in Thomas Pynchon & the (de)vices of global (post)modernity, (2013) ed. Zofia Kolbuszewska

Gaming the News London Review of Books Blog 5/3/13

The Art of Escape LA Review of Books 3/3/13

Immoral Holiday London Review of Books Blog 21/2/13

‘Artisans for incorporation’- An interview with Saskia Sassen CITSEE 21/12/12

The reassertion of the political’- an interview with Tariq Ali 6/9/12

Book Review- ‘Canada’ by Richard Ford, Edinburgh Review 135 23/8/12

Great Expectations? Creative Futures Blog 3/7/2013

Blockupy Frankfurt London Review of Books Blog 17/5/2012

Comfortable living in the City of the Dead | Egypt Independent

In Cairo LRB Blog 9/3/12

Testing for vCJD  LRB Blog 20/1/12

The Yugosphere- A Useful Concept?- CITSEE Blog- 27/10/11

In Prague LRB Blog 17/10/11

Book review- The Book of Crows, Edinburgh Review 132 3/10/11

Civil Marriage, Not Civil War LRB Blog 31/5/11

Beirut Graffiti LRB Blog 24/5/2011

Pynchon in Poland n+1 August 5th 2010

Discounts for ToriesLRB Blog 20/7/2010

Coming to a Shelf Near You LRB Blog 14/1/2010

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