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My Edinburgh Review piece on the riots in Xinjiang has been picked up by Eurozine, a site that brings together social and political articles from various magazines and journals.

At the end of the piece I wrote that there have been ‘few [recent] reported incidents of protest, violent or otherwise’.

This is no longer the case:

As far I can tell, it is unclear who is committing these acts. Whilst they are probably motivated by separatism, the extent to which (if any) they are Islamist, remains to be determined.



My story ‘The Fun of the Fair’ is in the new issue of Stand (Vol 8:2). This is a story that I first submitted to them almost 3 years ago. Even by the protracted standards of literary magazines, this is an impressively long time. But it is a nice magazine, with a good history, so it’s only been faintly excruciating to wait. If your library is excellent, and poetry-minded, they may have a copy.

Otherwise, you can get a copy from them direct at

Surprisingly, it is not in the Native American issue (Vol 8:1) presently billed as the current issue.

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