Ghulja, 1997.

This is a Channel 4 report I only found the other day. It contains pretty much the entirety of the video/photo evidence for the protests, at least the stuff you can find on the internet.  This, after all, was before people had camera phones, well before YouTube. It contrasts sharply with how much footage there is of the Urumqi 2009 riots.

Arrests after the 2009 Urumqi riots

I have a new post on the LRB Blog  about some footage of the arrests that followed the riots in Urümqi in 2009. The clip shows the fairly brutal treatment of suspects, not just by the police, but by the onlookers as well. It corroborates reports from eyewitnesses who spoke to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

From a church in Baalbek

There’s a new Maronite church under construction in Baalbek, Lebanon. Inside there were naked mannequins and a stuffed fox.  A crowned Virgin hovered in a cornflower sky on a painting in the chapel. This video is of a hymn that was being played through loudspeakers, calling people to prayer. I understood nothing of it, but found it moving nonetheless.

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