‘The Casualties’, my first novel, is now out in hardback from St Martins. Read part of it here. Four word review here.


Short stories:

  • New Traffic Patterns May Emerge, Short Fiction 13, October 2016
  • The swimming lesson, North Words Now Autumn 2016
  • ‘And then’, The Southern Review Autumn 2015
  • ‘Octet’, The Southern Review, Spring 2014
  • ‘Ward’, Winner of 2014 Willesden Herald International Short Story Competition
  • Welcome to Comely Bank (prologue of novel) Pen America 4/4/13
  • ‘The False River’, The Manchester Review Issue 9
  • ‘Half’, New Short Stories 6, April 2012
  • The Embrace’The Southern Review Autumn 2011 (pdf here)
  • ‘I am not Gary, She is not Gwen,’ Gutter 4, March 2011
  • ‘The Ballad of Poor Lucy Miller’, The Southern Review Spring 2009  (pdf here)
  • ‘Amy’, New Short Stories 3 2009
  • ‘What Practice Makes’, New Writing Scotland 26
  • ‘A Golden Bowl’, The Golden Hour Book Vol. 2
  • ‘The Boy’, New Leaf 26
  • ‘How to Bait a Hook’, Northwords Now issue 14 (pdf of issue)

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