photo by ericka duffy

photo by ericka duffy

I write fiction (short stories and novels) and non fiction.

My first novel, The Casualties, will out be from Thomas Dunne in the US in August 2015. There’s an extract here.

My next book of non fiction will be China’s Forgotten People, which will be in June 2015. This is a more serious (though not quite academic) look at the issues in Xinjiang, in western China. The Tree That Bleeds, my first book on the subject, appeared in 2011 from Luath Press.

My articles and essays have appeared in the London Review of BooksThe Independent, N+1, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Dissent, VICE, Salon.com, and The Dublin Review.

My fiction has appeared in publications like The Southern Review, Stand, Northwords Now and The Manchester Review.

In 2012 I received a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship.

In 2014 I won the Willesden Herald Short Story Competition.

You can contact me at nholdstock@hotmail.com, and follow me on Twitter @NickHoldstock

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  • Nick,

    Great site you have here. I loved the opener to “The Sea, The Shore.” Congrats from a fellow Willesden Herald shortlister! Cheers.


  • Hui says:

    Dear Mr. Holdstock,

    This is a PhD student at LSE. I’m organising Anthropology of East and Inner Asia seminar series for Michaelmas Term 2009 and I’m wondering would you be interested in presenting your work in one of our seminars?

    My supervisor thinks you have quite in-depth knowledge and first-hand materials about Xinjiang and it’ll be great to have you for our seminars. Please send me an email if you are interested and I can explain more.

    Many thanks,

  • I’ve read a wonderful translation for The False River into arabic by my dear friend Ahmed Shafie on his blog, which made me read it again on the Mcr review. ya can see it here:


    I liked it openly, keep up the good work, and it is a shame we didn’t know each other when ya were in Cairo.

    my best,
    Muhammad Aladdin

    • nickholdstock says:

      Thanks very much!- I did try and contact Ahmed to say thanks but my emails kept bouncing back. I wish we’d met in Cairo, but I hope to come back sometime, so maybe we’ll meet then. All best, Nick

      • your welcome! He told me now he’ll send ya a hard copy, for sure he’ll try to contact ya for the address :) ya have my contacts now, please notify me when ya are in the land of contradictions again.. love, Al

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