This year’s delusion

Apart from my perennial delusions (some of which involve a book-deal), I like to have a foolish notion to kick around during the year. Last year’s involved getting a job in the fabled (and sometimes fabulous) Shakespeare & Company bookshop in Paris. Some of the major components of this delusion: a short working week; access to luncheon vouchers; the chance to generally swan around the low-numbered arrondissements. Impressively (if only to my mind), I did  apply for a vacancy that actually existed. Less impressively, I failed to get it.

In a slight variation on this theme, I have, after visiting Berlin, resolved to live there by the end of the year. Naturally I have plans on how to achieve this. In my head, they sound great. In the meantime I shall goad myself with the following pictures taken during my recent sojourn. All images by Mr Ryan van Winkle (, in the sense that he pressed the button.


Various sites of worship


Probably not thinking


Mr. Dirk Markham wearing a found shirt


The author, pictured with Death on her lunch-break.


The Creeping Bent Organisation


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