More fun at the fair


During the many seconds it took to find the image for ‘The Fun of the Fair’, I came across this picture. There are probably numerous volumes that collect such images, coffee-table books with titles like ‘Klan’s Playtime‘. If I end up teaching creative writing, this photo will  be invaluable for one of those tepid exercises where, in a bid to further mislead the students, they are presented with random pictures and asked to scribble something that, when read out, the tutor will smile benignly at while saying, ‘Very good!’

Hmm. Perhaps the picture is a fake. The board that says ‘photo by B- (illegible)’ is really awfuly fishy. If the photo has been staged there may indeed be a beautiful book published by Taschen that collects similar Klan shots: in the fun house, on the dodgems, playing crazy golf.

I am going to click some buttons to try and find out.

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