Lynch commercial for Gucci

Well, that’s what they claim it is. To me it seems like a trailer for something so horrible it is best not seen. Lynch can always be relied upon to film incredibly beautiful women in such a way that they are so terrifying, or terrified, that it would take a very particular taste to ever find them attractive.

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  1. It has the howling wind sound that permeates, I think all or a lot of David Lynch’s movies. There is never any silence in a David Lynch film, or maybe I’ve missed it. When there is no music that sort of background radiation or wind howl or white noise or whatever it is can be heard. It’s very noticeable in The Elephant Man, for example. One could speculate that it corresponds to the observer’s breathing and that by amplifying it as he does in the advert, he creates a sensation of fear.

  2. I don’t get what the road views are about. What’s interesting, though, is that they are inserted at exactly the points in the movie where they will be, by default, used as the still shown associated with the ad on most video sharing sites – the first few frames and the middle of the film. It’s a well known trick – for example, many relatively boring films will put a picture of a gorgeous, nearly-naked woman exactly in the middle of a film in order for that to appear as the still associated with it and, therefore, increase (vastly!) the likelihood that it will be watched. I find it interesting that this ad does exactly the opposite – lots of women dancing provocatively, with a scene of a road as the promotional still image.

    • I think the road bits give the sense that Gucci is some great evil about to swoop down on these poor, unsuspecting women whose only defense is their glamour.

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