‘Whether you have a boy or girl, it is still a blossom’

Whether you have a boy or girl, it is still a blossom

More Chinese Propaganda Posters, this time from the large collection at the University of Westiminster (thanks to Jeff Wasserstrom for making me aware of the collection).

The collection spans the period between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. John Gittings,  then Senior Lecturer of the Chinese Section, began the collection in 1979 as the China Visual Arts Project for  research and teaching purposes.  Over the years it grew, with the contributions of other colleagues, students and friends who studied and travelled in China.There are over 500 images in the collection, which is organised thematically.

Hold High the Revolutionary Banner of Proleterian Criticism

Mao addressing troops of the fourth red army at Gutian, Dec 1929

Unite to win still greater victories- April, 1975

Chairman Mao is the saviour of the world's revolution, 1968

'Man Must Conquer Nature'- Miner with "Tangshan" on his vest, with doctors, soldiers and peasants carrying spades, bringing aid to the July 1976 Tangshan earthquake

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